Thanks Larry.  I'll need to look into the details quite a bit further, but I take it that I can define some mapping such that requests for particular file paths will trigger particular credentials to be used (until everything's upgraded)?  Currently all requests come in using permissive auth with username yarn.  Once we enable Kerberos, I'd optimally like for that to translate to use some set of Kerberos credentials if the path is /foo and some other set of credentials if the path is /bar.  This will only be temporary until things are fully upgraded.

Appreciate the help.

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For consuming REST APIs like webhdfs, where kerberos is inconvenient or impossible, you may want to consider using a trusted proxy like Apache Knox.
It will authenticate as knox to the backend services and act on behalf of your custom services.
It will also allow you to authenticate to Knox from the services using a number of different mechanisms.

On Jul 5, 2016, at 2:43 PM, Benjamin Ross <> wrote:

Hey David,
Thanks.  Yep - that's the easy part.  Let me clarify.

Consider that we have:
1. A Hadoop cluster running without Kerberos
2. A number of services contacting that hadoop cluster and retrieving data from it using WebHDFS.

Clearly the services don't need to login to WebHDFS using credentials because the cluster isn't kerberized just yet.

Now what happens when we enable Kerberos on the cluster?  We still need to allow those services to contact the cluster without credentials until we can upgrade them.  Otherwise we'll have downtime.  So what can we do?

As a possible solution, is there any way to allow unprotected access from just those machines until we can upgrade them?


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Subject: Re: Question regarding WebHDFS security

Le 5 juil. 2016 7:42 PM, "Benjamin Ross" <> a écrit :
> All,
> We're planning the rollout of kerberizing our hadoop cluster.  The issue is that we have several single tenant services that rely on contacting the HDFS cluster over WebHDFS without credentials.  So, the concern is that once we kerberize the cluster, we will no longer be able to access it without credentials from these single-tenant systems, which results in a painful upgrade dependency.
> Any suggestions for dealing with this problem in a simple way?
> If not, any suggestion for a better forum to ask this question?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ben

It's usually not super-hard to wrap your http calls with a module that handles Kerberos, depending on what language you use. For instance does this.


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