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From Aneela Saleem <ane...@platalytics.com>
Subject Setting up secure Multi-Node cluster
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2016 21:45:02 GMT
Hi all,

I have configured Kerberos for single node cluster successfully. I used this
for configurations. Now i'm enabling security for multi node cluster and i
have some confusions about that. Like

How principals would be managed for namenode and data node? because till
now i had only one principal *hdfs/_HOST@platalyticsrealm *used for both
namenode as well as for datanode? Do i need to add separate principals for
both namenode and datanode having different hostname? for example:
if my namenode hostname is *hadoop-master* then there should be principal
added *nn/hadoop-master@platalyticsrealm *(with appropriate keytab file)
if my datanode hostname is *hadoop-slave *then there should be principal
added *dn/hadoop-slave@platalyticsrealm* (with appropriate keytab file)

Do i need to copy all the kerberos configuration files like kdc.conf and
krb5.conf etc on every node in default locations?

A little guidance would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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