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From Chris Mullins <cmull...@liveramp.com>
Subject Computing total application vcore/mem demand
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2016 19:35:02 GMT

In order to track demand for our cluster's resources, I'm trying to figure
out a way to measure instantaneous application demand for vcore and memory.
The motivation is to know when and by how much we are under- or
over-utilizing our resources.

I've tried summing //apps/app/allocatedMB and //apps/app/allocatedVCores
from this RM API endpoint:


This is quite close to what I want, but does not capture the case when
total requested resources exceeds what's available -- I think the above sum
represents resources allocated to currently running containers and excludes
requested resources that are currently not running.

I poked around a bit in the source and if I'm interpreting it correctly, it
seems like this class has the information I need:


but I couldn't find where this information was exposed in the YARN rest
api/cli (seemed plausible this applied to containers and not applications,
but I wasn't sure)

Does anyone know how I might accomplish this? Obviously I'm open to
alternative approaches as well.

Thanks in advance!

Chris Mullins

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