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From "Joseph Naegele" <jnaeg...@grierforensics.com>
Subject HDFS behavior and dfsUsed file
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2016 21:46:43 GMT
I believe I've encountered some curious HDFS behavior using Hadoop 2.7.1.
Unfortunately I'm in a situation where I need to manually migrate the
contents of two volumes used by HDFS to a new volume, on each node. After
doing so there are a few file conflicts coming from the two original
volumes, specifically the top-level VERSION file, scanner.cursor file, and
"dfsUsed" file. If the dfsUsed file is deleted, when restarting the cluster
the blocks on each DataNode are erased completely and a new dfsUsed file is
generated, this time showing that the volume is nearly empty.


I understand that the "dfsUsed" file is an important piece of metadata for
HDFS, but I would expect that if the file disappeared (a very rare corner
case, I admit), that HDFS could just regenerate it by verifying the blocks
on disk against what is expected by the NameNode. More importantly, I
wouldn't expect HDFS to actually delete valid blocks from disk just because
that one text file went missing. Immediately after starting the cluster I
ran "hdfs fsck /" and it reported that every block was missing and therefore
corrupt. Prior to running "start-dfs.sh" and the "fsck" I had successfully
copied ~32 TB, then immediately afterward all 32 TB of blocks across 10
nodes disappeared from each node's filesystem.


Is this expected behavior?


If I'm going to *manually* migrate blocks from two source volumes to a new
destination volume, is there a "safe" way to do it? (e.g. generate a new,
valid "dfsUsed" file by hand? What about the VERSION files, which contain
unique storageIDs?)


Should I ask about this on the developer list?



Joe Naegele

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