I am running a Spark Job on the yarn cluster.

The spark job is a spark streaming application which is reading JSON from a kafka topic , inserting the JSON values to hbase tables via Phoenix , ands then sending out certain messages to a websocket if the JSON satisfies a certain criteria.


My cluster is a 3 node cluster with 24GB ram and 24 cores in total.


Now :

1. when I am submitting the job with 10GB memory, the application fails saying memory is insufficient to run the job

2. The job is submitted with 6G ram. However, it does not run successfully always.Common issues faced :

                a. Container exited with a non-zero exit code 1 , and after multiple such warning the job is finished.

                d. The failed job notifies that it was unable to find a file in HDFS which is something like _hadoop_conf_xxxxxx.zip


Can someone pls let me know why am I seeing the above 2 issues.



Siddharth Ubale,