If you started Hadoop daemons with hduser, it will not be shown for the user foo(or any other user) as hadoop daemons are just java processes. But still you can run your jobs with any other user. Ensure that the user foo has access to hadoop directories. And you also don't have to create a directory in hdfs for the user. I hope this resolves your problem. 
hduser $ start-all.sh
hduser $ su - other
other $ /home/hduser/hadoop203/bin/hadoop jar
/home/hduser/hadoop203/hadoop-examples*.jar pi 1 1
-Mohit Kasuhik

On 01/18/2016 11:56 AM, Ravikant Dindokar wrote:
Hi Mohit,

Thanks for your reply.  Let me elaborate my problem in detail.
I have installed hadoop with user called 'hduser' and the HADOOP_HOME points to one folder in hduser's home directory . Now I have added another user foo in the cluster. I modified the access permissions for following directories to 777:
1. Hadoop installation directory ( pointed by  HADOOP_HOME)
2. dfs.datanode.data.dir
3. dfs.namenode.name.dir
4. hadoop.tmp.dir

I have also created directory /user/foo inside hdfs

After starting hdfs and yarn daemons, I am not able to view these processes in foo user and so not able to submit jobs.

Can you point out what I am missing here?


On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 10:39 AM, mohit.kaushik <mohit.kaushik@orkash.com> wrote:
Hadoop uses the linux system users. I think, You don't have to make any changes, Just create a new user in your system and give it access to hadoop ie. provide permissions to hadoop installation and data directories.

-Mohit Kaushik

On 01/17/2016 04:06 PM, Ravikant Dindokar wrote:
Hi Hadoop user,

I have hadoop-2.6 installed on my cluster with 11 nodes. I have installed it under one specific user. Now I want  to allow other users on the cluster to share the same hadoop installation. What changes I need to do in order to allow access to other users?