Hey, Janghwan:

In YARN-HA, assume you have two RMs, with RM-ID: rm1, and rm2

you only need to set yarn.resourcemanager.hostname.rm1 and yarn.resourcemanager.hostname.rm2 (No need to set up all service addresses manually in HA). 
For All the RM Service addresses, such as yarn.resourcemanager.resource-tracker.address. It will automatically pick the ipaddress(or hostname) that you set in yarn.resourcemanager.hostname.rm1 or yarn.resourcemanager.hostname.rm2 with the default port number.

For example, if you set yarn.resourcemanager.hostname.rm1 as “localhost1”, the yarn.resourcemanager.resource-tracker.address in RM1 will be localhost1:8031.

Also, if you set yarn.resourcemanager.resource-tracker.address.rm1 explicitly in yarn-site.xml, the resource-tracker.address used in rm1 will pick up the value you set for yarn.resourcemanager.resource-tracker.address.rm1.


Xuan Gong

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Date: Friday, June 5, 2015 at 3:36 PM
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Subject: Default address configuration of Yarn HA cluster

Hi hadoop users,
For single resource manager, I can configure only `yarn.resourcemanager.hostname` than other addresses are automatically set with default port with entries as following.


However, it seems there is not any default values for HA configuration. For example, even though i set `yarn.resourcemanager.hostname.rm1`, i can't find default value of `yarn.resourcemanager.resource-tracker.address.rm1`.
Do I have to set up all other addresses manually in HA? And what happens if I set only `hostname`. I'm asking this since it seems working well with hostname configuration only.


P.S. This is my first mailing list post. I am sorry if i violated any protocol, and let me know please.