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From Julien Carme <julien.ca...@gmail.com>
Subject One job blocks all queues.
Date Thu, 28 May 2015 15:28:34 GMT

I am experimenting the use of multi-tenancy in Hadoop.

I have a Hive queries which does never give a result and whose containers
seem to freeze forever. It is basically a join where all key values of both
input tables are the same.

I understand there can be bugs in Hive and they will be corrected at some
point, and twisted queries like this one might crash Hive.

However, one this query is submitted, all the cluster is frozen including
other queues. The entire cluster is useless until you have manually killed
the faulty application. If you want to use a single hadoop cluster for
several customers, this is a major issue.

Is it the expected behavior? Once Yarn has assigned all its containers, is
the only thing it can do is wait until they have finished there job? What
could be a solution to this problem?

Thanks for your answers.

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