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From Xuzhan Sun <sunxuz...@outlook.com>
Subject Can Pseudo-Distributed Mode take advantage of multi-core structure?
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 16:53:39 GMT

I want to do some test on my single node cluster for Speed. I know it is easy to set up the
Pseudo-Distributed Mode, and Hadoop will start one Java process for each single map/reduce.

My question is: is it parallel enough on multi-core CPU? I mean if I have 4 mappers at the
same time while my CPU have 4 cores, will the 4 mappers be running on different cores at the
same time?
I know another way to simulate a Hadoop cluster with one machine is to use virtual machine
software such as VMware to simulate multiple machines and set up a cluster upon these virtual
machines. What's the difference between the two methods for SPEED and PARALLEL on multi-core
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