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From "Hansi Klose" <hansi.kl...@web.de>
Subject CDH5 MRV1 HA / YARN HA port assignment
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2014 08:31:52 GMT

I am playing with CDH5 jobtracker HA and YARN HA configuration.

I am wondering about the configuration example in their web site. 

They uses for each service on different nodes different ports.


mapred.jobtracker.rpc-address.logicaljt.jt1 = myjt1.myco.com:8021
mapred.jobtracker.rpc-address.logicaljt.jt2 = myjt2.myco.com:8022

mapred.job.tracker.http.address.logicaljt.jt1 =
mapred.job.tracker.http.address.logicaljt.jt2 =

mapred.ha.jobtracker.rpc-address.logicaljt.jt1 = myjt1.myco.com:8023
mapred.ha.jobtracker.rpc-address.logicaljt.jt2 = myjt2.myco.com:8024

mapred.ha.jobtracker.http-redirect-address.logicaljt.jt1 = myjt1.myco.com:50030
mapred.ha.jobtracker.http-redirect-address.logicaljt.jt2 = myjt2.myco.com:50031

Why do I need different ports when i use different nodes?

On their web site about YARN HA they write
>> "In an HA setting, you should configure two RMs to use different ports (for example,
ports on different hosts)."

But in the example they use the same ports for the 2 ressource managers.

So do I need to use different ports on different nodes?

Regards Hansi

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