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From "MrAsanjar ." <afsan...@gmail.com>
Subject namenode doesn't receive datanode deactivate event
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2014 17:42:14 GMT
Hi all,
I have a small hadoop 2.2.0 development cluster consist of a master node (
namenode+resoucemanager ), and 4 slave nodes ( datanodes+nodemanager).
My configuration is as such that it enables me dynamically add slave nodes
by executing commands:
.../sbin/hadoop-daemons.sh start datanode
.../sbin/yarn-daemons.sh start nodemanage
I could verify the activation of the new slave node by executing "jps"
command (datanode and  nodemanager are active ) on the newly created node
and by monitoring namenode health on http://{masternode_ip}/50070

However when I deactivate any of the hadoop slave nodes by executing
../sbin/hadoop-daemons.sh stop datanode
../sbin/yarn-daemons.sh stop nodemanager

Namenode heath at http://{masternode_ip}/50070 does not show the
deactivation of the slave node. But I could verify the shut-down of
datanode and nodemanager jvm processes by executing "jps" on the slave node.

Namenode eventually after 20-30 minutes marks the salve node dead.
What am I missing here? Why namenode and resourcemanager are not getting
notified of
the datanode and nodemanager deactivation?
Please help, thanks

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