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From Jerry Zhang <emacs2...@hotmail.com>
Subject The best practice of migrating hadoop 1.0.1 to hadoop 2.2.3
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2014 04:47:24 GMT

Hi there



We plan to migrate a 30 nodes hadoop 1.0.1
cluster to the version 2.3.0. We don’t have extra machines to setup a separate
new cluster, thus hope to do an “in-place” migration by replacing the
components on the existing computers. So the questions are:


Is it possible to do an
“in-place” migration, while keeping all data in HDFS safely?

If it is yes, is there any
doc/guidance to do this?

Is the 2.0.3 MR API binary
compatible with the one of 1.0.1? 



Any information are highly appreciated.



Jerry Zhang


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