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From praveenesh kumar <praveen...@gmail.com>
Subject Oozie dynamic action
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2013 11:20:00 GMT

I have a scenario in which I want to trigger a hive uploading script every
day. I have a set of folders created for a set of customer ids everyday. My
hive script will read the customer id from the path, checks whether the
table for the customer id exits and if not create a table and will create
partition based on date for  a "set of unknown customer_ids".

I can get the set of unique customer_ids from a shell action. It can be
passed as a list or string.

My problem is how can I achieve this dynamic checking/creation of hive
tables and partitions from oozie.

Currently I am doing everything from the shell script and calling it as a
shell action in oozie, but I was wondering if these kind of checks or some
kind of for-loop kind of actions can be done in oozie.

Any thoughts/suggestions on how to tackle the above scenario in the best
way possible using oozie, would be highly helpful.


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