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From Huy Pham <pha...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject How to make a Servlet execute a Hadoop MapReduce job and get results back
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 02:31:08 GMT
I have a tomcat server, have several servlets, a mapreduce job (written using hadoop), also
have pig installed, all sit in the same cluster as where hadoop is.

Now I need my servlet to be able to execute a mapreduce program (or a pig script), and display
the results returned by the mapreduce program. Is there anyway to make a servlet to execute
a mapreduce job and get back the results?

++ I think it is possible to make my servlet execute a mapreduce job (or a pig script) by
simply calling exec or ProcessBuilder. If I am wrong, please correct me here.

++ However, a mapreduce job (or a pig script) produces results in HDFS, which is where I am
unsure about how to get back the results and feed them back to the servlet. One solution,
which seems to be amateur and inefficient to me, is to use ProcessBuilder (or exec) again
to copy results from HDFS to local, and read results from there.

Would very much appreciate any suggestion you might share.

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