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From MARCOS MEDRADO RUBINELLI <marc...@buscapecompany.com>
Subject Re: Management API
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 13:07:32 GMT

There aren't any specs as far as I know, but in my experience the interface is stable enough
from version to version, with the occasional extra field added here or there. If you query
specifically for the beans you want (e.g. http://namenode:50070/jmx?get=Hadoop:service=NameNode,name=NameNodeInfo::LiveNodes
) and build in some flexibility, you shouldn't have any problems.


On 09-06-2013 11:30, Rita wrote:
Are there any specs for the JSON schema?

On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 9:49 AM, MARCOS MEDRADO RUBINELLI <marcosm@buscapecompany.com<mailto:marcosm@buscapecompany.com>>

If you have access to the web UI, you can get those metrics in JSON from the JMXJsonServlet.
Try hitting http://namenode_hostname:50070/jmx?qry=Hadoop:* and http://jobtracker_v1_hostname:50030/jmx?qry=hadoop:*

It isn't as extensive as other options, but if you just need a snapshot of node capacity and
utilization, it's pretty handy. I used it to plug some basic warnings into Nagios.


On 06-06-2013 09:51, Brian Mason wrote:
I am looking for a way to access a list of Nodes, Compute, Data etc ..  My application is
not running on the name node.  It is remote.  The 2.0 Yarn API look like they may be useful,
but I am not on 2.0 and cannot move to 2,0 anytime soon.

DFSClient.java looks useful, but its not in the API docs so I am not sure how to use it or
even if I should.
Any pointers would be helpful.


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