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From Ahmed Eldawy <aseld...@gmail.com>
Subject Hadoop running the incorrect class
Date Thu, 16 May 2013 20:59:39 GMT
Hi all,
  I'm having a very silly problem that is making me pull the hair out of my
head. I created a program and generated a jar out of it. The program was
running fine for a long time (months) and I was updating it regularly and
everything was going fine. Just yesterday, I started to have a very weird
case. I update my program, create the jar file, but when running the new
jar file, the old class is the one that is actually running. I'm sure the
jar file was created correctly because when I run the jar file directly
using "java -jar", it runs the correct updated class. This problem only
happens when using hadoop. I think it caches the old class somewhere. I
tried to restart my machine to make sure all tmp files are cleared but
still the same problem. I even went further by opening the jar file and
deleting the main class. Even after deleting the class, hadoop still runs
the old class. I removed all classes from the jar file and left only the
META-INF files and it still executes the old class.

I must have did something wrong in the last few days that caused this
problem to happen but I really can't figure out what the problem is. The
only thing I remember is that I created another hadoop installation that
runs in different ports to try different things in both clusters. However,
I removed all traces of the other binary distribution and I'm currently
running the jar file without any hadoop processes running. So, there is no
actual cluster running here.

Please help me.


Best regards,
Ahmed Eldawy

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