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From Rahul Bhattacharjee <rahul.rec....@gmail.com>
Subject Why big block size for HDFS.
Date Sun, 31 Mar 2013 16:55:36 GMT

Many places it has been written that to avoid huge no of disk seeks , we
store big blocks in HDFS , so that once we seek to the location , then
there is only data transfer rate which would be predominant , no more
seeks. I am not sure if I have understood this correctly.

My question is , no matter what the block size we decide , finally its
getting written to the computers HDD , which would be formatted and would
have a block size in KB's and also while writing to the FS (not HDFS) , its
not guaranteed that the blocks that we write are continuous , so there
would be disk seeks anyways .The assumption of HDFS would be only true if
the underlying Fs guarentees to write the data in continuous blocks.

Can someone explain a bit.

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