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From 周梦想 <abloz...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: why not hadoop backup name node data to local disk daily or hourly?
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2012 10:50:35 GMT
Hi Tariq,
Thanks for your patient. I know that fsimage stores metadata of blocks. I
have three machine to back it, so I don't worry about it lost. I'm using
SNN and NFS to backup NN data file. But as the description above, my
damaged data dirtied every nodes that I backed up automatically.

BTW: you looks like the actor of PI on the movie "lifes of PI":)
Best regards,
Andy Zhou

2012/12/20 Mohammad Tariq <dontariq@gmail.com>

> Hello Andy,
>             NN stores all the metadata in a file called as "fsimage". The
> fsimage file contains a snapshot of the HDFS metadata. Along with fsimage
> NN also holds  "edit log" files. Whenever there is a change to HDFS, it
> gets appended to the edits file. When these log files grow big, they are
> merged together with fsimage file. These files are stored on the local FS
> at the path specified by the "dfs.name.dir" property in "hdfs-site.xml"
> file. To prevent any loss you can give multiple locations as the value for
> this property, say 1 on your local disk and another on a network drive in
> case you HD get crashed you still have the metadata safe with you in that
> network drive.(The condition which you have faced recently)
> Now, coming to the SNN. It is a helper node for the NN. SNN periodically
> pulls the fsimage file, which would have grown quite big by now. And the NN
> starts the cycle again. Suppose, you are ruuning completely out of luck and
> loose the entire NN. In such a case you can take his copy of fsimage from
> the SNN and retrieve your metadata back.
> Best Regards,
> Tariq
> +91-9741563634
> https://mtariq.jux.com/
> On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 3:18 PM, 周梦想 <ablozhou@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Some reasons lead to my name node data error, but the error data also
>> overwrite the second name node data, also the NFS backup. I want to recover
>> the name node data a day ago or even a week ago,but I can't. I have to back
>> up name node data manually or write a bash script to backup it? why  hadoop
>> does not give a configure to   backup name node data to local disk daily or
>>  hourly with different time stamp name?
>> The same question is to HBase's .META. and -ROOT- table. I think it's
>> history storage is more important 100  times than the log history.
>> I think it could be implemented in Second Name Node/Check Points Node or
>> Back Node. Now I do this just using bash script.
>> Some one agree with me?
>> Best Regards,
>> Andy Zhou

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