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From Oleg Zhurakousky <oleg.zhurakou...@gmail.com>
Subject "attempt*" directories in user logs
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2012 14:53:22 GMT
I studying user logs on the two node cluster that I have setup and I was wondering if anyone
can shed some light on these "attempt*' directories
>$ ls
attempt_201212051224_0021_m_000000_0  attempt_201212051224_0021_m_000003_0  job-acls.xml
attempt_201212051224_0021_m_000002_0  attempt_201212051224_0021_r_000000_0

I mean its obvious that its talking about 3 attempts for Map task and 1 attempt for reduce
task. However my current MR job only results in some output written to "attempt_201212051224_0021_m_000000_0".
Nothing is the reduce part (understandably since I don't even have a reducer, so my question

1. The two more M attempts. . . what are they?
2. Why was there an attempt to do a Reduce when no reducer was provided.implemented
3. Why my master node only had 1 attempt for M task but the slave had all that's displayed
and questioned above (the 'ls' output above is from the slave node)

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