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From Jason Huang <jason.hu...@icare.com>
Subject HDFS Namenode Format Question.
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:01:26 GMT

I am trying to set up Hadoop 1.0.3 in my Macbook Pro in a
pseudo-distributed mode.

After download / install / setup config files I ran the following
namenode format command as suggested in the user guide:

$bin/hadoop namenode -format

Here is the output:
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO util.GSet: VM type       = 32-bit
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO util.GSet: 2% max memory = 39.6925 MB
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO util.GSet: capacity      = 2^23 = 8388608 entries
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO util.GSet: recommended=8388608, actual=8388608
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: fsOwner=jasonhuang
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: supergroup=supergroup
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: isPermissionEnabled=true
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: dfs.block.invalidate.limit=100
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem:
isAccessTokenEnabled=false accessKeyUpdateInterval=0 min(s),
accessTokenLifetime=0 min(s)
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO namenode.NameNode: Caching file names occuring
more than 10 times
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO common.Storage: Image file of size 116 saved in
0 seconds.
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO common.Storage: Storage directory
/tmp/hadoop-jasonhuang/dfs/name has been successfully formatted.
12/09/14 10:46:42 INFO namenode.NameNode: SHUTDOWN_MSG:

It appears that the storage directory is /tmp/hadoop-jasonhuang/dfs/name

However, in my config file I've assigned a different directory (see
hdfs-site.xml below):

Does anyone know why the hdfs-site.xml might not be respected?

Also, after formatting the name node, I did a search for the fsimage
file in my local file directories (from root dir) and here is what I
$ sudo find / -name fsimage

I don't understand why the name node format picked (and created) these
two directories...

Any thoughts?



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