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From Tom Melendez <...@supertom.com>
Subject Re: mini node in a cluster
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2012 23:06:36 GMT
Hi Pat,

> Sounds like the trick. This node is a slave so it's datanode and tasktracker
> are started from the master.
>   - how do I start the cluster without starting the datanode and the
> tasktracker on the mini-node slave? Remove it from slaves?

There's no "main" cluster software, just don't start those services.
If you're on Linux and have init.d scripts, look for the ones that are
appended with datanode and tasktracker.

>   - what do I minimally need to start on the mini-node?

Nothing except the hadoop jars.  The presence of the config files in
your CLASSPATH is all you need to talk to your cluster.  So, if you
can run hadoop dfs -ls /some/path/in/hdfs and it succeeds, you're
probably OK.

> Also I have replication set to 2 so the data will just get re-replicated
> once the mini-node is reconfigured, right? There should be another copy
> somewhere on the cluster.


It's not really a "mini-node", it's really just a client at this
point, it's not known by your cluster.  You could configure your
laptop or any other machine to do the same thing, for example.



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