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From Luca Pireddu <pire...@crs4.it>
Subject Re: Open source of HiBench 2.1 (a Hadoop benchmark suite)
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2012 15:31:04 GMT
On 06/14/2012 03:11 PM, Rob Marano wrote:
> Thank you, Jason!  Awesome news!  I'll be using that in our Distributed Lab at Cooper
Union (cooper.edu). Perhaps Intel can come and give a seminar on it in the Fall?
> Looking forward to it.
> Kind regards,
> Rob
> --
> Rob Marano
> Adjunct Associate Professor
> The Cooper Union
> rob@cooper.edu
> On Jun 14, 2012, at 12:27 AM, Dai, Jason wrote:
>> Hi,
>> HiBench, a Hadoop benchmark suite constructed by Intel, is used intensively for Hadoop
benchmarking, tuning&  optimizations both inside Intel and by our customers/partners.
It consists of a set of representative Hadoop programs including both micro-benchmarks and
more "real world" applications (e.g., search, machine learning and Hive queries).
>> We have made HiBench 2.1 available under Apache License 2.0 at https://github.com/hibench/HiBench-2.1,
and would like to get your feedbacks on how it can be further improved. BTW, please stop by
the Intel booth if you are at Hadoop summit, so that we can have more interactive discussions
on both HiBench and HiTune (our Hadoop performance analyzer open sourced at https://github.com/hitune/hitune).
>> Thanks,
>> -Jason

It would be cool to have a page (maybe on a wiki) where people could 
post their cluster set-up and their results for the various HiBench 
tests they run.  It would give people an easy way to validate their 
set-up.  Or maybe something like this exists already?

Luca Pireddu
CRS4 - Distributed Computing Group
Loc. Pixina Manna Edificio 1
09010 Pula (CA), Italy
Tel: +39 0709250452

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