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From Голиков Константин <golikov.kos...@yandex.ru>
Subject How to work around 'Daemon wants to run as ... but not running as that user or root.'
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 11:33:15 GMT
Hi! For some reasons I can't run hadoop using sudo (with root privileges), but I have heard
that this is normal case when we issue start-all.sh and other scripts/commands as usual user.
However, when I'm trying to start whole hadoop bundle with `start-all.sh` I've got that message
for every component. Moreover, I have the same message even if I trying to do initial formatting
of name node like `hadoop-0.20 namenode -format`. 

I've seen a similar question on mailing list, that was solved by defining users (setting env
variables) for components. But it doesn't helped me -- my hadoop-env.sh contains the following

export HADOOP_NAMENODE_USER=namenode
export HADOOP_DATANODE_USER=datanode
export HADOOP_JOBTRACKER_USER=jobtracker
export HADOOP_TASKTRACKER_USER=tasktracker

and this users presented in system, e.g.:

less /etc/passwd | grep namenode

What can I do to solve that problem?

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