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From Niranjan Balasubramanian <niran...@cs.washington.edu>
Subject Hadoop next stable release
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 20:05:07 GMT

We are currently using hadoop 0.20.203 on a 10 node cluster. We are considering upgrading
to a newer version and I have two questions in this regard.

1) It seems 0.21 is unlikely to become a stable release anytime soon and we are weary of moving
to an unstable release. Our primary concern is the data we have on our hdfs.  I want to know
if anyone has been using 0.21 in production and would like to hear about your experiences?
Any advice on this front is appreciated. 

2) Do we know when 0.23 is likely to become stable? There has been some discussion on mail
#dev* about 0.23 becoming stable sometime soon. Is it going to happen by the end of this year?

~ Niranjan.

* - http://search-hadoop.com/m/f623FA7bDK1/hadoop+next+stable+release+0.21&subj=0+21+stable+schedule+
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