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From Em <mailformailingli...@yahoo.de>
Subject Re: HBase Stack
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2011 19:59:15 GMT
That was exactly my idea if the answer is "don't use HBase until time
will tell you to do so".

Can you go a little bit more in detail why you think HBase for small
project is not a good choice? Understanding the reasons (or reading some
references) will help a lot.

Btw.: Is this only relevant for HBase or for Hadoop, too?


Am 15.11.2011 20:55, schrieb Joey Echeverria:
> You can certainly run HBase on a single server, but I don't think
> you'd want to. Very few projects ever reach a scale where a single
> MySQL server can't handle it. In my opinion, you should start with the
> easy solution (MySQL) and only bring HBase into the mix when your
> scale really demands it. If you're worried about being locked into a
> specific technology, then spend your design efforts building
> interfaces that are easy to swap out when the time comes.
> -Joey
> On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 2:17 PM, Em <mailformailinglists@yahoo.de> wrote:
>> Thank you both for your answers.
>> There is no real project.
>> But the scenario we talked about was something like having a community,
>> browsergame or something like that while having a low-budget (low in
>> terms of he is a student and thinks about how to realize some of his
>> ideas from a technical perspective).
>> When it starts the amount of data is relativley small and a large
>> percentage will fit into RAM. However if the project is becoming more
>> successfull, one wants to focus on making the project more awesome
>> (adding/improving features) instead of refactoring the whole
>> data-management and -architecture.
>> The question he asked was what I think about using HBase right from the
>> beginning and where I expect problems. Since I have no experiences with
>> HBase I had no answer.
>> I even don't know whether a good advice would be to take a refactoring
>> of the data-management into consideration, if HBase is no choice for a
>> single-server-project (not even in the beginning).
>> Regards,
>> Em
>> Am 15.11.2011 19:08, schrieb Travis Camechis:
>>> agreed, What is your current size of your data?
>>> On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 12:54 PM, Ayon Sinha <ayonsinha@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>>> I believe one of the biggest problem you will face with HBase in a small
>>>> setup is that MySQL is happy with single machine setup (less maintenance
>>>> headache for small scale projects) compared to HBase running in
>>>> pseudo-ditrib mode. In the pseudo-distib mode single HBase machine will
>>>> have too much overhead. It will really shine when you grow really big and
>>>> need to scale out. THats when HBase will pull-out from MySQL really fast.
>>>> This particular scenario is very well described in the HBase: The Def
>>>> Guide book. When you have to grow, LAMP stack need things like memcached
>>>> sharding (lots of headache).. compared to HBase (headache growing smaller
>>>> with more community support and stability).
>>>> -Ayon
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>>>> From: Em <mailformailinglists@yahoo.de>
>>>> To: common-user@hadoop.apache.org
>>>> Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 9:38 AM
>>>> Subject: Re: HBase Stack
>>>> Hi Travis,
>>>> I think I wasn't very clear about my question:
>>>> If the project grows, you will be able to have machines optimized for
>>>> special things (hbase-servers and tomcat-servers, maybe devided into
>>>> sub-groups with special hardware-requirements for more efficiency).
>>>> And this is what you should do, if your project grows and you gain the
>>>> revenue neccessary to pay for it.
>>>> My question was more targeted at the starting point of a (small) project:
>>>> How does a machine with Linux, Java (Tomcat) and MySQL competes with the
>>>> same setup with HBase beeing the database server?
>>>> Given this example one can assume that you access your data in MySQL by PK.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Em
>>>> Am 15.11.2011 17:41, schrieb Travis Camechis:
>>>>> I don't think you would want to run all of this on the same machine,
>>>>> especially if your application/ data requirements are fairly large.
>>>>> On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 11:27 AM, Em <mailformailinglists@yahoo.de>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Hello folks,
>>>>>> seems like you deal here with HBase-questions.
>>>>>> Below you will find my question.
>>>>>> Thanks!
>>>>>> Em
>>>>>> -------- original message --------
>>>>>> Hello list,
>>>>>> I was asked whether it is a good idea to replace the M in LAMP with
>>>>>> Hbase as well as the P with a Java-Servlet (i.e. Tomcat) so that
you run
>>>>>> your webserver, your hbase-instance, hadoop etc. on the same machine.
>>>>>> Are the differences compared to a LAMP-Stack in terms of performance
>>>> large?
>>>>>> It is clear that a lot of benefits like redundancy etc. are not
>>>>>> available in this setup. However if the idea and userbase grows you
>>>>>> quickly add these features to the environment by just setting up
>>>>>> machines and connect them with eachother.
>>>>>> When I was asked about this I had no answer.
>>>>>> Hopefully you can bring light into this!
>>>>>> Kind regards,
>>>>>> Em

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