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From bejoy.had...@gmail.com
Subject Re: Maintaining map reduce job logs - The best practices
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 16:35:55 GMT
Great!.. Thanks Raj and Mathias
Just a clarification query on top of my question.
I wanna log some information of my processing/data logged into my log files. 
I'm planning to log it by LOG.debug() , if I do so in my mapper or reducer it'd be availabe
under HADOOP_HOME/logs/history dir, right?
Second question, ie once a job is executed, does the logs from all tasks trackers get dumbed
to HADOOP_HOME/logs/history dir in name node/job tracker?
Third question is how do I enable DEBUG mode of logger? Or is it enabled in default. If not
what is the logger mode enabled default in hadoop?

Thanks a lot folks.

Bejoy K S

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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 06:10:41 
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Subject: Re: Maintaining map reduce job logs - The best practices


You can find the job specific logs in two places. The first one is in the hdfs ouput directory.
The second place is under $HADOOP_HOME/logs/history ($HADOOP_HOME/logs/history/done)

Both these paces have the config file and the job logs for each submited job. 

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On Sep 23, 2011, at 12:52 AM, Bejoy KS <bejoy.hadoop@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All
>             I do have a query here on maintaining Hadoop map-reduce logs.
> In default the logs appear in respective task tracker nodes which you can
> easily drill down from the job tracker web UI at times of any failure.(Which
> I was following till now) . Now I need to get into the next level to manage
> the logs corresponding to individual  jobs. In my log I'm dumping some key
> parameters with respect to my business which could be used for business
> level debugging/analysis at time in the future if required . For this
> purpose, I need a central log file corresponding to a job. (not many files,
> ie one per task tracker because as the cluster grows the no of log files
> corresponding to a job also increases). A single point of reference makes
> things handy for  analysis by any business folks .
>    I think it would be a generic requirement of any enterprise application
> to manage  and archive the logs of each job execution. Hence definitely
> there would be best practices and standards identified and maintained by
> most of the core Hadoop enterprise users. Could you please help me out by
> sharing some of the better options for log management for Hadoop map-reduce
> logs. It could greatly help me choose the best practice that suit my
> environment and application needs.
> Thank You
> Regards
> Bejoy.K.S
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