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From Robert J Berger <rber...@runa.com>
Subject HELP NEEDED: What to do after crash and fsck says that .2% Blocks missing. Namenode in safemode
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2011 07:50:19 GMT
Just had an HDFS/HBase instance where all the slave/regionservers processes crashed, but the
namenode stayed up. I did proper shutdown of the namenode

After bringing Hadoop back up the namenode is stuck in safe mode. Fsck shows 235 corrupt/missing
blocks out of 117280 Blocks. All the slaves are doing DataBlockScanner: Verification succeeded.
As far as I can tell there are no errors in the datanodes.

Can I expect it to self-heal? Or do I need to do something to help it along? Anyway to tell
how long it will take to recover if I do have to just wait?

Other than the verification messages on the datanodes, the namenode fsck numbers are not changing
and the namenode log continues to say:

The ratio of reported blocks 0.9980 has not reached the threshold 0.9990. Safe mode will be
turned off automatically.

The ratio has not changed for over an hour now.

If you happen to know the answer, please get back to me right away by email or on #hadoop
IRC as I'm trying to figure it out now...

Robert J Berger - CTO
Runa Inc.
+1 408-838-8896

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