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From Keith Wiley <kwi...@keithwiley.com>
Subject cmdenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2011 18:37:19 GMT
I know you can do something like this:

-cmdenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./my_libs

if you have shared libraries in a subdirectory under the cwd (such as occurs when using -cacheArchive
to load and unpack a jar full of .so files into the distributed cache)...but this destroys
the existing path.  I think I want something more like this:


but it interprets the environment variable as it constructs the command.  It uses the local
version of the variable and converts it as it builds the hadoop command, it doesn't send the
$ version to hadoop to be converted at that later time.

Is this something that can be fixed by some combination of single,double,back quotes and back
slashes?  I'm uncertain of the proper sequence.

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