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From Steve Loughran <ste...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Submitting and running hadoop jobs Programmatically
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2011 09:58:04 GMT
On 27/07/11 05:55, madhu phatak wrote:
> Hi
> I am submitting the job as follows
> java -cp
>   Nectar-analytics-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar:/home/hadoop/hadoop-for-nectar/hadoop-0.21.0/conf/*:$HADOOP_COMMON_HOME/lib/*:$HADOOP_COMMON_HOME/*
> com.zinnia.nectar.regression.hadoop.primitive.jobs.SigmaJob input/book.csv
> kkk11fffrrw 1

My code to submit jobs (via a declarative configuration) is up online


It's LGPL, but ask nicely and I'll change the header to Apache.

That code doesn't set up the classpath by pushing out more JARs (I'm 
planning to push out .groovy scripts instead), but it can also poll for 
job completion, take a timeout (useful in small test runs), and do other 
things. I currently mainly use it for testing

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