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From Steve Loughran <ste...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Upgrading namenode/secondary node hardware
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2011 10:18:54 GMT
On 14/06/11 22:01, MilleBii wrote:
> I want/need to upgrade my namenode/secondary node hardware. Actually also
> acts as one of the datanodes.
> Could not find any how-to guides.
> So what is the process to switch from one hardware to the next.
> 1. For HDFS data : is it just a matter of copying all the hdfs data from old
> server to new server.

yes, put it in the same place on your HA storage and you may not even 
need to reconfigure it. If you didn't shut down the filesystem cleanly, 
you'll need to replay the edit logs.

> 2. what about the decommissioning procedure of data node, is it necessary in
> that case ?

You shouldn't need to. This is no different from handling failover of a 
namenode, which you ought to try from time to time anyway, with two 
common tactics
  -have ready-to-go replacement servers with the same hostname/IP and 
shared storage
  -have ready-to-go replacement servers with different hostnames, then 
with your cluster management tools bounce the workers into a new 

> 3.For MapRed:  need to change the master in cluster configuration files

I'd give the new boxes the same hostnames and IPAddresses as before, and 
nothing else will notice. And I recommend having good cluster management 
tooling anyway, of course.

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