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From Luiz Fernando Figueiredo <luiz.figueir...@auctorita.com.br>
Subject Serving Media Streaming
Date Sat, 30 Apr 2011 05:13:02 GMT
Hi guys.

Hadoop is well known to process large amounts of data but we think that 
we can do much more than it. Our goal is try to serve pseudo-streaming 
near of Akamai do (with their platform).

Do someone know if is implemented any solution about it upon Hadoop already?
Or, are any real problem about using it in that way?

Until right now I didn't see any barrier of aplying Hadoop this way, but 
some people talk about only use GlusterFS instead, but more than just 
store the multimedia files, we want to be able to handle some data too.

Luiz Fernando

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