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From Brian Bockelman <bbock...@cse.unl.edu>
Subject Re: Anybody can help with MountableHDFS fuse-dfs please?
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2011 22:09:31 GMT

On Mar 8, 2011, at 3:41 PM, yxxtdc wrote:

> Thanks Brian.
> Got over that by fixing a typo in LD_LIBRARY_PATH and now fuse_dfs is
> mounting albeit very very very slowly, like one inode a minute.

What do you mean by "mounting"?  Do you mean "listing"?

Anything on the order of a minute is out of the ordinary.  See if you can remove some of the
"moving pieces" and try to replicate with the stock "hadoop" client.

FUSE, especially on Hadoop 0.20, is not a rocketship when it comes to metadata operations.
 However, it's not horrid.  See below for example.


[bbockelm@t3-sl5 ~]$ time ls -1 /mnt/hadoop/dropfiles | wc -l

real	0m0.135s
user	0m0.001s
sys	0m0.003s
[bbockelm@t3-sl5 ~]$ time ls -1 /tmp | wc -l

real	0m0.002s
user	0m0.000s
sys	0m0.002s

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