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From Scott Carey <sc...@richrelevance.com>
Subject Re: Why hadoop is written in java?
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2010 02:09:13 GMT

On Oct 11, 2010, at 9:20 PM, Chris Dyer wrote:

> The second issue is that C/C++ bindings are common and widely used
> from many languages, but it is not generally possible to interface
> directly with Java (or Java libraries) from another language, unless
> that language is also built on top of the JVM. This is a very
> unfortunate because many problems that would be quite naturally
> expressed in MapReduce are better solved in non-JVM languages.

Scala is a more natural fit for the M/R paradigm since it is a strongly typed functional language,
and it runs on the JVM.  Unlike other non-Java functional languages on the JVM, it is as fast
as Java.  Perhaps someone will create a Scala API for Hadoop.  

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