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From Gang Luo <lgpub...@yahoo.com.cn>
Subject cluster startup problem
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2010 02:49:50 GMT
Hi all,
I am trying to configure and start a hadoop cluster on EC2. I got some problems 

1. Can I share hadoop code and its configuration across nodes? Say I have a 
distributed file system running in the cluster and all the nodes could see the 
hadoop code and conf there. So all the nodes will use the same copy of code and 
conf to run. Is it possible?

2. if all the nodes could share hadoop and conf, does it mean I can launch 
hadoop (bin/start-dfs.sh, bin/start-mapred.sh) from any node (even slave node)?

3. I think I specify and master and slave correctly. When I launch hadoop from 
master node, no tasktracker or datanode was launched on slave nodes. The log on 
slave nodes says: 

ERROR org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.server.datanode.DataNode: java.io.IOException: 
Incompatible namespaceIDs in /mnt/hadoop/dfs/data: namenode namespaceID = 
1048149291; datanode namespaceID = 313740560

what is the problem?



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