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From Joseph Stein <crypt...@gmail.com>
Subject Hadoop Podcast, Guest Spots
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2010 18:06:34 GMT
Hadoopers & Hadooperets, I wanted to see if any folks would be
interested in being a guest on a new podcast we ( www.medialets.com )
are very seriously thinking about producing & hosting specifically to
talk about Hadoop.

This is still pre-production phase now but we are starting to firm it
up as a real possibility.

We are looking to get some guests for the first few shows and will
then launch a website (blog + links [to other sites, open source code,
etc]) and start recording up and producing a Hadoop Podcast.

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions you can email me anytime -

Really the drive here is because having gone from Hadoop "newb to
nerd" there is just so much to share and so much to keep learning
(including all sub projects, techniques, etc, etc, etc, etc) and these
posterity voice accounts with others I hope will result in a stronger
community of continuous learning & sharing.

Having a 3 hour per day (when I do not work from home) commute I find
pod casts to just be a great and wonderful way for content
distribution and such.

The goal here is to cater to both the newb, nerd and those that are
elite (something for everyone) and maybe even have some fun as we go.

Each show will be broken up into segments and we really want this to
always (if possible) have a guest to be interviewed or present (e.g.
security =8^/ ) what they have going on as it will help perpetuate the

Joe Stein

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