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From Bo Shi <b...@deadpuck.net>
Subject o.a.h.mapreduce API and SequenceFile encoding format
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2010 17:43:36 GMT
Hey Folks,

No luck on IRC; trying here:

I was playing around with 0.20.x and SequenceFileOutputFormat.  The
documentation doesn't specify any particular file encoding but I had
just assumed that it was some sort of raw binary format.  I see, after
inspecting the output that it was a false assumption... the file
encoding appears to be ascii hex pairs with space delimiters.  Is this
accurate?  After trolling the javadocs somemore, I found
SequenceFileAsBinaryOutputFormat but that class doesn't appear to have
an analog in the new o.a.h.mapreduce API.  Is it just not ported or am
i missing some other method of specifying file encoding in the new
mapreduce APIs?


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