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From Steve Loughran <ste...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Distributed Clusters
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2010 10:18:56 GMT
James Seigel wrote:
> I am new to this group, and relatively new to hadoop. 
> I am looking at building a large cluster.  I was wondering if anyone has any best practices
for a cluster in the hundreds of nodes?  As well, has anyone had experience with a cluster
spanning multiple data centers.  Is this a bad practice? moderately bad practice?  insane?

got some stuff here

though my clusters are of short life span and smaller. At that kind of 
scale you need to know how to manage datacenters yourself or talk to 
people who do (I deny all knowledge, though I will note that in HP 
consulting and EDS we do have people who can handle this)

> Is it better to build the 1000 node cluster in a single data center?  


>Do you back one of these things up to a second data center or a different 1000 node cluster?

depends on your concerns and where the building is.

-If your facility is in the Bay Area then you want a separate datacentre 
on a different fault line. If it's in Easter WA or OR then you worry 
more about volcanic activity and spec the roof to take 1-2m of volcanic 
ash. Power comes off the big dams which again may go down if there's an 
earthquake, but otherwise pretty reliable.

-if your worry is about continuous availability, you need different 
sites with different (multiple) power suppliers and multiple data feeds, 
and more to worry about in terms of keeping things in sync. Data 
transfer will cost time and money, and for a big enough cluster -1000 
servers can go up to 6-12 PB of storage, which takes time to sync. Even 
with the CERN LHC experiments data rate of 1 PB/month off the LHC, it 
would take 6 months to get the data in to your cluster using a good 
protocol like GridFTP.

-single site would make sync easier, 10GB ethernet will still take a 
while but not cost you

> Sorry, I am asking crazy questions...I am just wanting to learn the meta issues and opportunities
with making clusters.

Start small, automate everything, worry about scaling up the management 
problems. Hadoop filestore and JT scales well, but you have to get your 
ops right. That's everything from BIOS upgrades to log file management.

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