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From Shevek <she...@karmasphere.com>
Subject Announce: Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop 1.2.0
Date Sun, 11 Apr 2010 02:10:09 GMT

It's been a few months, but we've done the work. We bring you, free for
download (cue music, mostly trumpets) Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop, and
we've bolted on a new version number which is much bigger than the
previous one to give you some sense of the importance of the change.

If Hadoop were a theme park, then here are some of the rides we hope you
will enjoy:

* Interactive visual debugging of a MapReduce job.
  - Traces dataflows through a mapreduce process, live as you edit code.
  - Tells you what will go wrong with your job, BEFORE it does.
* Two-click deployment of a Hadoop job.
  - We'd say one click but it's nice to customize parameters sometimes.
* No-click monitoring, graphing, management and post-hoc analysis.
  - Tells you what went wrong with your job after it did.
* Support for the Cascading Library - http://www.cascading.org/
  - If you don't know what this is yet, you really should.
* New samples library to help you get into MapReduce with Hadoop.
  - Click on the code, see what it does.
* Support for Streaming.
  - It's rather nice, when you have menus!
* All new tutorials with (mostly) updated screenshots, showing just what
you and your family can enjoy for the price of one free download.
* Full cross-platform support
  - Job submission, HDFS and S3 browsing from Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Let's read that bit again. Karmasphere Studio makes job submission work
from Windows desktops. Point. Click. Go.

* And the new and improved Amazon support means that all you need to get
started with Hadoop is ... well, nothing, really.


We all hope you have at least as much fun as we do.


Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop - An intuitive visual interface to Big Data

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