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From Vasilis Liaskovitis <vlias...@gmail.com>
Subject swapping on hadoop
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 17:15:31 GMT
Hi all,

I 've noticed swapping for a single terasort job on a small 8-node
cluster using hadoop-0.20.1. The swapping doesn't happen repeatably; I
can have back to back runs of the same job from the same hdfs input
data and get swapping only on 1 out of 4 identical runs. I 've noticed
this swapping behaviour on both terasort jobs and hive query jobs.

- Focusing on a single job config, Is there a rule of thumb about how
much node memory should be left for use outside of Child JVMs?
I make sure that per Node, there is free memory:
(#maxmapTasksperTaskTracker + #maxreduceTasksperTaskTracker) *
JVMHeapSize < PhysicalMemoryonNode
The total JVM heap size per node per job from the above equation
currently account 65%-75% of the node's memory. (I 've tried
allocating a riskier 90% of the node's memory, with similar swapping

- Could there be an issue with HDFS data or metadata taking up memory?
I am not cleaning output or intermediate outputs from HDFS between
runs. Is this possible?

- Do people use any specific java flags (particularly garbage
collection flags) for production environments where one job runs (or
possibly more jobs run simultaneously) ?

- What are the memory requirements for the jobtracker,namenode and
tasktracker,datanode JVMs?

- I am setting io.sort.mb to about half of the JVM heap size (half of
-Xmx in javaopts). Should this be set to a different ratio? (this
setting doesn't sound like it should be causing swapping in the first

- The buffer cache is cleaned before each run (flush and echo 3 >

any empirical advice and suggestions  to solve this are appreciated.

- Vasilis

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