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From Gang Luo <lgpub...@yahoo.com.cn>
Subject Re: optimization help needed
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 14:43:53 GMT
Hi Reik,
the number of reducer is not a hint (mappers # is a hint). The default hash partitioner will
hash and  sent records to each  reducer in round-robin way based on the reducers #. If the
values list is too large to fit into heap memory, then you will get an exception and job will
fail after several attempts. You may need to increase the heap size for each task by JobConf.set("mapred.child.java.opts","-Xmx***m).


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主   题: Re: optimization help needed

Very good input not to sent the "original xml" over to the reducers. For
the JobConf.setNumReduceTasks(n) isn't that just a hint but the real
number will be determined based on the Partitioner I use, which will be
the default HashPartioner? One other thought I had, what will happen if
the values list sent to a single Reducer is to big to fit into memory?


Gang Luo wrote:
> HI,
> you can control the number of reducers by JobConf.setNumReduceTasks(n). The number of
mappers is defined by (file size) / (split size). By default the split size is 64MB. Since
you dataset is not very large, there should be no big difference if you change these. 
> if you are only interested in the number of blocks per email address, you don't need
to send the "original xml" as the value in the intermediate result. This can reduce the amount
of data sent from mappers to reducers. Use combiner to pre-aggregate the data may also help.
> -Gang
> ----- 原始邮件 ----
> 发件人: Reik Schatz <reik.schatz@bwin.org>
> 收件人: "common-user@hadoop.apache.org" <common-user@hadoop.apache.org>
> 发送日期: 2010/3/17 (周三) 5:04:33 上午
> 主   题: optimization help needed
> Preparing a Hadoop presentation here. For demonstration I start up a 5 machine m1.large
cluster in EC2 via cloudera scripts ($hadoop-ec2 launch-cluster my-hadoop-cluster 5). Then
I sent a 500 MB xml file over into HDFS. The Mapper will receive a XML block as the key, select
a email address from the xml and use this as the key for the reducer and the orginal xml as
the value. The Reducer just aggregates the number of XML blocks per email address.
> Running this on the cluster takes about 2:30 min. The frameworks uses 8 Mappers (Spills)
and 2 Reducers. About 600.000 xml elements are contained in the file. How can I speed up processing
time? One thing I can think of, is to have more than just 2 email addresses in the sample
document to be able to use more than 2 reducers in parallel. Why did the framework choose
to use 8 mappers and not more? Maybe my sample data is too small to benefit from parallel
> Thanks in advance


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