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From Raymond Jennings III <raymondj...@yahoo.com>
Subject Is it possible to run multiple mapreduce jobs from within the same application
Date Tue, 23 Feb 2010 21:24:10 GMT
In other words:  I have a situation where I want to feed the output from the first iteration
of my mapreduce job to a second iteration and so on.  I have a "for" loop in my main method
to setup the job parameters and to run it through all iterations but on about the third run
the Hadoop processes lose their association with the 'jps' command and then weird things start
happening.  I remember reading somewhere about "chaining" - is that what is needed?  I'm not
sure what causes jps to not report the hadoop processes even though they are still active
as can be seen with the "ps" command.  Thanks.  (This is on version 0.20.1)


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