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From Stephen Watt <sw...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Bible Code and some input format ideas
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 15:45:16 GMT
Neat !  Please keep the list appraised when you have something to demo.

Kind regards
Steve Watt

Edward Capriolo <edlinuxguru@gmail.com>
01/11/2010 01:55 PM
Bible Code and some input format ideas

Hey all,
I saw a special on discovery about bible code.

I am designing something in hadoop to do bible code on any text (not
just the bible). I have a rough idea on how to make all the parts
efficient in map reduce. I have a little challenge I originally
thought I could solve with with a custom InputFormat but it seems I
may have to do this in a stand alone program.

Lets assume your input looks like this:

Is there any
bible-code in this
text? I don't know.

The end result might look like this ( assuming I take every 5th letter.)


The first part of the process is given an input text we have to strip
out a user configured list of things '\t' '-' '.' '?' .  That I have
no problem with.

The second part of the process, I would like to get the data to be the
proper width, in this case 5 characters. This is a challenge because
assuming a line is 5 characters e.g. 'done?' Once it is cleaned it
will be 4 characters  'done'. This -1 offsets changes the rest of the
data, the next line might have another offset, so on and so on.

Originally I was thinking I could create NCharacterInputFormat, but it
seems like this stage of the process can not easily be done in
map/reduce. I guess I need to write a single threaded program to read
through the data and make the correct offsets (5 characters per line).
Unless someone else has an idea.

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