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From Edmund Kohlwey <ekohl...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Time to build my own cluster - advice?
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2009 18:04:03 GMT
If all your dependencies are java based (like Open Office) you might try 
using a dependency manager/build tool like maven or ant/ivy to package 
the dependencies in your jar. I'm not sure if any parts of open office 
are available in a public repo as maven artifacts or not, or if you want 
to get into packaging artifacts for your build system, but its something 
you might try.

I think its cheaper to just use EC2 anyways, so that might be a 
motivating factor for you as well.
>> Hi,
>> so far I've been using Amazon MapReduce. However, my app uses a growing
>> number of Linux packages. I have been installing them on the fly, in the
>> Mapper.configure(), but with OpenOffice this is hard, and I don't get a
>> service connection even after local install.
>> Therefore, my question is on the advice in creating my own Hadoop cluster
>> out of EC2 machines. Are there instructions? How hard is it? What are best
>> practices?
>> Thank you,
>> Mark

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