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From Le Zhao <lez...@cs.cmu.edu>
Subject Re: hadoop eclipse plugin
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2009 17:15:49 GMT
Hi Edmund,

Thanks for the suggestion!  Sounds very useful for production 
development, I'll check out the MRUnit.

Edmund Kohlwey wrote:
> I develop MR applications in Eclipse with no plugins other than the 
> standard JDT. MRUnit (included in the cloudera distribution for hadoop, 

Since students are mostly not familiar with the details of Hadoop, the 
use of a plugin would make our instructions for the students much 
shorter, and their HW experience more enjoyable.

> which can be downloaded as a tgz somewhere on their site -- it is hard 
> to find) provides all the instrumentation you should really 'need' if 
> you're following good test-based development practices. Hadoop itself 
> contains good examples of tests where you actually start up a local 
> cluster and run jobs, if you need that level of testing.
> It sounds like for your exercise, MRUnit should be adequate for a 
> grad-level student.

One problem is that even grad students are from various backgrounds, we 
cannot assume too much technical knowledge.  But that's my problem, and 
thanks for the pointer!


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