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From Le Zhao <lez...@cs.cmu.edu>
Subject Re: hadoop eclipse plugin
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2009 17:05:50 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:
>> I'm trying to design a Hadoop based inverted indexing homework for a 
>> graduate level and also possibly an undergrad level technical class.  
>> We don't assume any knowledge of Hadoop from the students except basic 
>> M/R concepts.
> Silly question, but why have you chosen Hadoop?  If it's just MapReduce, 
> it may be easier to teach in other CS languages, especially the 
> functional ones.

No questions are silly :)  Maybe I wasn't clear enough before.  We don't 
want to assume knowledge about hadoop when teaching the students, but we 
want them to be familiar with hadoop after that part of the class.

You are probably right in that Hadoop API is not very stable thus bit of 
pain to teach in class.  But in the class, we want the students to 
actually handle a cluster of say 10 machines and handle lots of data. 
Given the wide use of Hadoop in companies and schools, practical 
experience with it would benefit students in many ways.

However, if there are other systems that can do the similar, we might 
consider those options as well.

>> Thus, an intuitive and easy interface for programming hadoop, 
>> debugging and testing would be great.  I test used the NetBeans 
>> plugin, it's quite good: http://www.hadoopstudio.org
> seen that, looks nice. They have plugins for different hadoop versions, 
> so it is less brittle

Allows local debugging (on Linux or Mac), and remote job submissions. 
That's probably all a student would need to get started with and to 
finish the assignments.


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