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From Bob Schulze <b.schu...@ecircle.com>
Subject memcached or existing hbase ?
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 09:58:16 GMT
I need a cache, that is read by many nodes often, written by a few nodes
rarely. Its not too big in size (200.000-2Mio records/1Gb), but may be
too big to fit into one node (so keeping local caches -or zookeeper- is
not an option).

There is hbase in place already for other applications, do I have a
further benefit (faster?) using memcached (instead, not on top of
course) or would it only be one more piece of software to maintain?

I read the memcache docs&wiki and are reasonable familiar with hbase but
 would appreciate a good reason to use this or that. I am asking in the
hadoop list, because I think also M/R jobs need this for joins
occationally, and memchache is recommended often.

Thx for any tips,


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