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From Nick Rathke <n...@sci.utah.edu>
Subject Running Hadoop on cluster with NFS booted systems
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2009 16:45:36 GMT

I am hopping that someone can help with this issue. I have a 64 node 
cluster that we would like to run Hadoop on, most of the nodes are 
netbooted via NFS.

Hadoop runs fine on nodes IF the node uses a local OS install, but 
doesn't work when nodes are netbooted. Under netboot I can see that the 
slaves have the correct Java processes running, but the Hadoop web pages 
never shows the nodes as available. The Hadoop logs on the nodes also 
show that everything is running and started up correctly.

On the few node that have a local OS installed everything works just 
fine and I can run the test jobs without issue (so far).

I  am using the identical hadoop install and configuration between 
netbooted nodes and none netbooted nodes.

Has anyone encountered this type of issue ?


Nick Rathke
Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute
Sr. Systems Administrator

"I came I saw I made it possible" Royal Bliss - Here They Come

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