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From brien colwell <xcolw...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Hadoop on Windows
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 16:33:35 GMT
Our cygwin/windows nodes are picky about the machines they work on. On
some they are unreliable. On some they work perfectly.

We've had two main issues with cygwin nodes.

Hadoop resolves paths in strange ways, so for example /dir is
interpreted as c:/dir not %cygwin_home%/dir. For SSH to a cygwin node,
/dir is interpreted as %cygwin_home%/dir. So our maintenance scripts
have to make a distinction between cygwin and linux to adjust for
Hadoop's path behavior.

We use ganglia to monitor the cluster and after a few build
configuration tweaks and other configuration tweaks I was able to get it
only somewhat working with cygwin.

Not to mention the general frustration of cygwin .

松柳 wrote:
> Hi
> I dont know about the production deployment, but to my knowledge, I feel the
> windows clusters are less efficient than linux's. I think the main problem
> may be the SSH software and cygwin componets, they are first functional,
> then effective.
> Song
> 在2009-09-17 09:29:29,"#YONG YONG CHENG#" <aarnchng@pmail.ntu.edu.sg> 写道:
>> Good Day Everyone,
>> I know that currently Hadoop on Windows is considering as a development
> system.
>> Is there any chance of Hadoop working on Windows as a production system?
>> Do anyone working on the above?
>> Thanks.

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