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From Enis Soztutar <enis....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Difference between "Killed Task Attempts" and "Killed Tasks"
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 13:11:32 GMT

Task attempt is an attempt to a task. At any given time, one or 
more(speculative exec.) of task attempts can be running. For a task, 
there can be many attempts at different nodes. A task is complete if any 
of its attempts is complete.  For a task to be marked as failed all of 
mapred.map.max.attempts should fail. For every task in the job, a TaskID 
is assigned. For every attempt, a TaskAttemptID is assigned (which ends 
with _0, _1, etc).

Harish Mallipeddi wrote:
> Hi,
> Anyone can tell me what's the difference between "Killed Task Attempts" and
> "Killed Tasks"? I ran a big job (14820 maps and 0 reduces). In the
> job-details page, the web GUI reports 62 "killed task attempts". I'm
> assuming this is due to "speculative execution". Now when I go to the
> job-history page for the job, it reports 54 "killed tasks" (and 14820
> successful map-tasks as expected).
> A few questions:
> * Why 62 killed task attempts vs 54 killed tasks?
> * Under speculative execution, does hadoop launch a new MapTask with new
> task-id or does it just launch a new MapTaskAttempt with a new
> task-attempt-id?
> * When a MapTaskAttempt fails, and when hadoop tries to re-launch the
> MapTask, does it create a new task-id or just a new task-attempt-id?
> * Does 'mapred.map.max.attempts' include all attempts launched due to
> speculative-execution?
> Btw this job is basically a trivial no-op job - it just scans around 1TB of
> data and does nothing else in the map. I looked at the killed tasks' syslog
> output and I didn't see any errors.

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