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From Steve Loughran <ste...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Hardware Manufacturer
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 10:14:25 GMT
Ted Dunning wrote:
 > It is very unusual to have enough power to fill a rack with servers. 
 > your power and heat loading calculations.
 > You might consider also a new box that Sillicon Mechanics has.  It is
 > essentially four 1U servers in a 2U package.  Each of the four 
servers has
 > dual quad core machines and up to 48G.  Very handy package.

We -that is HP- have recently announced some datacenter-centric kit in 
the form of the SL170z

-6 SATA disks
-no case, for lower weight in weight-limited facilities
-4-8 cores
-two 1GB ports, for failover as well as bandwidth
-up to 128GB ram
-two servers per 2U chassis.

I don't know anything about the Silicon Mechanics package, looking at 
the SL170z specs versus theirs, Silicon Motion appear to offer more 
cores per 2U, but similar-ish RAM (silicon has, what, 192MB/2U, HP at 
256/2U), which could lead to less RAM/job -this really depends on your 
job though, and with TT reuse should matter less.  I don't know what the 
storage capacity is, and then there is the power budget -always the 
power budget. A lot of places not only have limits per rack, but they 
bill you  by quoted or actual power.

1. I don't know what the power budgets of the different boxes are doing 
Hadoop work, and so which is better. As usual, data here would be handy. 
Remember, every Joule saved in the server, is another in the aircon.

2. I'm thinking of starting a little benchmarking subproject under the 
Hadoop umbrella, just thinking of a witty enough title. "trunkmark" or 
something. Who else is interested?


(Disclaimer: I am not in sales, go talk to your account rep or reseller. 
I have not seen any of these very new boxes myself or got to run code on 

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